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Conceived following the release of his cookbook Cooking in the Comfort Zone: The New Family Cookbook, William “Bill” Aftoora launched GurRoux Brands Company, LLC.

GuRoux™ Brands was born with the purpose and vision based on the principal of recognizing people’s needs and fulfilling them with products pioneered that deliver extraordinary results. All GuRoux™ Brands products have one thing in common: Nothing fancy but the flavor!

GuRoux™ Seasonings began when writing Cooking in the Comfort Zone, Bill developed a 'Simple Seasoning' recipe to be used by the reader. It became a recipe staple throughout recipes in the book and is proudly named as the inspiration to continue developing GuRoux™ Seasonings & Rubs line of nearly 50 blends.

GuRoux™ Seasonings have continually delivered a way to not only season meals, but to do so in a healthful manner. It wasn't long before Bill began developing a new way to reduce acid in food prior to consumption. Fueled by Bill’s passion all things food and developing products such as his seasonings, Acid Zap™ quickly came to fruition. This revolutionary product gave such fantastic results it became patented in the United States and Canada.

While caring for his mother in 1996, Bill began writing Cooking in the Comfort Zone: The new Family Cookbook. This cookbook centers around the idea that you can find comfort food from all nationalities, and without the need for unusual foods and spices. The recipes are presented in clear a step-by-step process for beginnes, and are easy to modify for more experienced chefs. With the help of sidebar characters Sue Chef and Neat Nick presented many alternative options and educational direction throughout the book.

From GuRoux™ Seasonings & Rubs, to liquid Acid Zap™, Redi-Roux™, Super Seed Butter™, Cooking in the Comfort Zone and more to come, all of GuRoux™ Brands products are unique yet simple-to-use and can be enjoyed by foodies, consumers, chefs — just about anybody looking to get great taste with nothing fancy! Many of GuRoux™ Brand's products can be used in conjunction with a healthy, low-acid, low-sugar and low-sodium diet to promote wellness.

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GuRoux™ Seasonings & Spice Rubs

Your secret ingredient for health-conscious dishes without sacrificing flavor!

GuRoux™ Seasonings & Rubs are carefully blended from the finest and freshest imported herbs and spices. Each variety is created to ensure consistent and delicious mouth-watering meals you can feel good about!

All GuRoux™ Seasonings & Rubs are robust and bursting with incredible flavor and aroma. These seasonings are unique as they were developed with today's health-conscious individuals in mind. Regardless of your (or others!) dietary needs or cooking preferences, these seasoning blends are available in three varieties: Lightly Salted, Sodium & Sugar Free, and Low & Slow.

Plus, GuRoux™ Seasonings & Rubs range from 50 to 100mg sodium per 1⁄4 tsp serving, making them a fantastic complement to those on low-sodium diets! GuRoux Seasonings & Rubs cuts the sodium in more than half when compared to similar ‘seasoned salt’ mixes on the market.

Better yet, each blend is all-natural, MSG-free, gluten-free, and preservative-free! GuRoux™ Seasonings & Rubs can be used alone, as a seasoning, dry or wet rub, in salad dressings and marinades, soups, breadings, on snacks, in dips and spreads - the only limit is your imagination!

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Acid Zap™

Instantly reduce acid in foods and drinks prior to consumption!

Fast-acting Acid Zap™ works whenever and wherever you need to reduce acid in food and drinks. Simply mix in liquid Acid Zap™ drop by drop to your favorite recipes, foods, and drinks to get results you have to taste to believe.

Acid Zap™ is a patented, all-natural, gluten-free, and preservative-free liquid food additive. When added drop by drop it significantly reduce acidic levels in foods and beverages by up to 30%. It’s easy to use and has been proven effective to instantly reduce acidity in many beverages and foods such as tomato sauces, salsa, coffee, juices and even wine! Acid Zap™ is the next opportunity to promote a method of wellness for the millions of people whom suffer from Acid Reflux / GERD plus other medical conditions affected by consumption of acidic foods and beverages.

Acid Zap™ is practically odorless and tasteless, so add a few drops and dissolve the ill effects of acid consumption. For millions of Americans, there’s nothing to lose and only relief to gain. Don’t suffer a moment longer – “Zap Acid with Acid Zap™!”.

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Cooking in The Comfort Zone

Easy-to-make and delicious comfort food recipes from all around the world.

Cooking in the Comfort Zone: The New Family Cook Book is a cookbook that pays tribute to old-fashioned, down-home, stick-to-your-ribs, good-for-the-soul comfort foods. This book features a collection of timeless recipes reminiscent of traditional family-style, home-cooked meals that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Every recipe is formulated to be easy-to-make, and even easier to modify.

As referenced in the title and dedication, "the comfort zone" is an important part of why this book was written. "The comfort zone" is comprised of two essential elements that will be present in each and every recipe - love and family values. Beginner and expert cooks can delight in this collection of recipes from all around the world.

Cooking in the Comfort Zone: The New Family Cook Book is intended to be the one cookbook that not only emphasizes timeless comfort food recipes your whole family will love, but reinforces closeness between each individual. Bring family back to the table with food which cultivates precious and wholesome memories that will last a lifetime.

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